You can make a private videos list and share them only with your favorite friends!

Can you have a private friend that other friends cannot see ...
I would like to keep the friendship private, but allow him to see my facebook page . Asked about ... You can’t hide a specific person from your friends list. You can ...
privacy - How do I share a private YouTube video with someone ...
4 Oct 2010 ... Join them; it only takes a minute: ... I have uploaded a youtube video and marked it as private. ... a select and limited audience, you can do so by setting your video to private. ... Click and choose the video you want to send to your friends. ... Share to a social network - just click on your favorite social network ...
Change the privacy settings for your video - YouTube Help
You can easily change the privacy settings of your videos and manage who has access to ... Learn how to use them in this tutorial. ... Tap the arrow at the top to save changes. iOS ... A private video can only be seen by you and the users you select. ... If you don’t want to allow others to re-share your video, make it private.
Share playlists - YouTube Help - Google Help
If you’re on your mobile device or at your computer, you can share your own ... Close search ... Remember that if your playlist includes any private videos, you’ll need to invite your friends or ... share the playlist via email, SMS, or other social networks you have installed ... Only videos can be shared on YouTube’s mobile site.
How Can I Share Facebook Posts with Only Some of My Friends?
17 Feb 2015 ... I know you can select your audience for Facebook posts in broad ... you post that extend well beyond those very broad private/public categories. ... If you add someone to the Close Friends list you’ll receive direct ... to your friends list but not share content with them unless you make it public or tag them in it.
The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings - Techlicious
22 Jul 2016 ... How do you make sure that live video stream is seen only by people you choose ? ... Starting with Your Posts, you can check your default sharing setting. ... click on the the Remove Tag button at the top of the page) or simply hide them from your Timeline (click on ... Facebook Live – private, friends or public?
What you Need to Know about YouTube Videos and Your Child’s ...
Here’s how your child can make their video private, and share it with selected individuals: Have them Sign in to their YouTube account and click the Account link ... (at the top-right of any page); Next, they need to click the Uploaded Videos link, ... that only people who know the link to the video can view it (such as friends or ...
6 Things You Need to Know So Your Private YouTube Videos Don’t ...
4 Sep 2013 ... These are the YouTube privacy settings that will keep you safe ... to private so only a select group of people (up to 50) can view them. ... sharing your videos, it’s important to stay proactive in making sure ... Click on your avatar and select YouTube Settings; On the next screen, click on Privacy at the top left.
How do I set my photos and videos to private so that only approved ...
By default, anyone can view your profile and photos/videos on Instagram. You can make your posts private so only approved followers can see them. ... For example, a post you share to Twitter that was set to private on Instagram ... you a follow request if they want to see your posts, your followers list or your following list.
How to share a video privately on YouTube or Vimeo | PCWorld
22 Jul 2015 ... You can control who has access to your video (but you can’t control ... Dan Keinan wants “to share a private video with a few individuals,” but ... You can’t control who’s sitting next to them as they watch it. Vimeo. Not only must your recipients have Vimeo accounts, but you have to be .... Top Android stories
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