You can make a private videos list and share them only with your favorite friends!

Change video privacy settings - Computer - YouTube Help
You can easily change the privacy settings of your videos and manage who has access to viewing. What are video privacy settings on ... by and shared with anyone. Private videos and playlists can only be seen by you and the users you choose. Unlisted videos and playlists can be seen and shared by anyone with the link.
Oculus on Twitter: "With #OculusGo headsets out in the wild, we ...
לפני 2 שעות We are focused on making it possible to experience anything through the power of VR ...
How do I share a private playlist I have created in YouTube with ...
You’re going to need to change the privacy setting of the playlist to "Unlisted". Then you’ll be able to share a URL with anyone who you want to be able to access the playlist. The playlist won’t show up in search, so only those with the URL will be able to access it. You can change the setting back to "Private" again and then ...
How To Share a Private Video On YouTube - YouTube
6 אפריל 2015 - 5 דקות - הועלה על-ידי Derral Eves Want to share your YouTube video with someone privately and not make it available for the ...
Share unlisted videos with private links on Vimeo
10 Feb 2016 ... Since the beginning of our unicorn-ruled universe, we’ve done our best to give video creators as much control over their videos as possible — especially when it comes to privacy. In addition to public and private settings, we’ve provided creators with advanced options like setting a password, only giving ...
Instagram tests favorites, a major rethinking of private sharing - The ...
23 Jun 2017 ... If it rolls out broadly, the feature could turn Instagram into the default place to share for more groups of friends — and reshape the social dynamics of Instagram in the process. ... When you do, the post will be visible only to the people on your list — and is denoted by a green “favorites” badge on the post.
How to Make Facebook Friends Private - The Cheat Sheet
7 May 2015 ... We post photos, share videos and links, and comment on posts on our own and others’ profiles. With everything we post, it’s (relatively) straightforward to figure out who we’re sharing with, but when it comes to things like your Friends list, not all of us know who can see our information. If you’re trying to ...
How to Hide Facebook Friend List from Others: 2018 Edition
4 Mar 2018 ... If you don’t want anyone to see your Facebook friend list, keep the “Who can see your friend list” setting to “Only Me”. (Keeping your Facebook friend list visible for others is totally your choice, but my suggestion would be to keep it hidden from the privacy of your friends.) Here is a video tutorial on how to do ...
Facebook: Make Your Profile Private in 6 Steps | Time
5 Jan 2016 ... This will take you to a version of your Facebook page that appears the way it does to users who are not your friends. Certain .... Anyone on the list will only be able to see the posts and information you share with the entire public—and they won’t know they’ve been placed on this list. So if you want your ...
How to Share Facebook Posts with Only Certain Friends
29 Sep 2016 ... If you’ve been on Facebook a while it’s probable you’ve amassed a friends list that includes close friends, old childhood friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and ... The Restricted list allows you to add someone to your friends list but not share content with them unless you make it public or tag them in it.
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