Let my messages are visible to all users, not just to my friends

Who option "Turn off chat for only some contacts.." is missing in chat ...
How is possible is missing the option "Turn off chat for only some contacts. ... I want to turn off chat for some friends not all of them ? ... Chat & Messages ... There are available only 2 options: "Turn on chat for all contacts" and "Turn off chat for ... experience and feedback from users like you help to inform product changes that ...
How do I make all my messages come to inbox instead of other ...
I mostly use fb on my mobile and I can’t see other messages on that thing! ... come to your inbox (rather than other) unless you only receive messages from friends. ... If I want all my messages in my inbox, that should be MY decision, so LET ME ... No. Answers. Recent answers; Top answers. This question has been closed.
Getting another user’s iMessages | Official Apple Support Communities
21 Nov 2011 ... If I leave it on, this guy can read all of my texts sent via iMessage. ... I had to have my friend go into his iphone settings and set it to text only and not ... I had an iPhone 4 that my friend let me use while thier child was grounded...for 3 months. .... with imessage and all of my messages are visible on their phone.
The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings - Techlicious
22 Jul 2016 ... If you’re not ready to dive into Facebook’s substantial settings menu, there’s a ... Click on that and you will see that you can include all your Friends, while ... While checking my own app list while writing this guide, I found many .... It will only suggest people that are on the user’s friends list. ... Block messages.
WhatsApp: How do I make sure that I am visible to only some people ...
If you want to be invisible to some contacts in your contact lists, you have only one option which ... I want to minimise my use of not-so-useful social networks. ... If you block contacts in WhatsApp you cannot send and receive messages ... WhatsApp users can now hide ’last seen at’, profile picture, status updates on Android.
I have sent a message to a person who is not my friend on Facebook ...
Since you are not in the friend list of that person, your message will go to Others section in ... Are the sent messages still visible in my friends’ inbox? ... Quora User, I may/may not answer your FB question (depends on my mood) ... Actually all the messages you send to a unknown person, I mean the person with whom you ...
New Facebook Messenger Privacy Settings | The Cyber Safety Lady
2 Aug 2014 ... The only settings you can restrict on F.B Messenger is not link your ... These will be people who are either friends of yours on Facebook or who ... to unblock the other person if you have deleted all the old messages. .... For more privacy and safety settings look at my cyber safety step by step manual below.
The One Mistake Almost Everybody Makes on Twitter [Quick Tip]
18 Oct 2013 ... The only people who could see that tweet would be HubSpot, me, and ... users view, share, and react to, and a tweet that essentially no one sees. ... visible to all of your followers, just like any headline you tweet out. ... (After all, I’m not really likely to care what my friend is saying to a complete stranger.) ...
Facebook is hiding your messages from you | ZDNet
10 Dec 2011 ... This Other option only appears when you’re already in Messages. ... When I pointed out this folder to my friends a while back, however, many said that it ... In other words, they’re not spam and they’re not mass messages. ... into the Inbox, and all the future conversations with that friend will show up there.
10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know - Adweek
15 Dec 2009 ... For example, let’s say your friend John is someone you met at work but continue to ... My mom is a teacher and one of the first things she asked me when she .... However, not all users want everybody knowing who their friends are and ... is the ability to publish content which is only visible to specific friends.
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