Let my messages are visible to all users, not just to my friends

Blocking & Privacy Settings – Discord
Selecting / deselecting this option lets you block DMs (Direct Messages) from users in that server that aren’t on your friends list. Normally, sharing a mutual server is all it takes to allow DMs. This option can ... If you only want to add friends on your prerogative, you can deselect all three options, and not receive ANY requests.
Not Receiving Some Messages in Group Messaging - Android Forums at ...
If the group has just me, one of my daughters and one other person, I can get messages from all. It happens on either the built in ... Once my friend updated their phone to IOS 8 (Not sure if that was the fix) but it let me me receive messages from them and they receive mine. Thats as much as I know :/.
Understanding rejection on WeChat (Weixin)
Many Chinese people now prefer to manage their contacts using a proprietary mobile messaging and social networking application called WeChat (??) W?ix?n . ... you will see the message "Only 10 posts of this user are visible" (the Chinese version of this message begins "non good-friend" which was lost in translation), ...
Use Messages with your Mac - Apple Support
5 Dec 2017 ... With Messages for Mac, you can send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that uses iMessage, Apple’s secure-messaging service. ... If it’s not already set up, you’re asked to sign in when you first open the Messages app. ... To start a group conversation, just add more recipients.
Stalking Your Friends with Facebook Messenger – Faith and future ...
26 May 2015 ... What I realized was that almost every other message in my chats had a location attached to it, so I decided to have some fun with this data. I wrote a Chrome extension for the Facebook Messenger page (https://www.facebook.com/ messages/) that scrapes all this location data and plots it on a map. You can ...
Facebook is hiding your messages from you | ZDNet
10 Dec 2011 ... You should probably go check yours and see what’s waiting for you inside, just in case it’s something important that Facebook shouldn’t have put there. ... I have no problem with such a folder existing: even my friends who say they missed an important message admit that most of their messages in there are ...
10 Essential Privacy Tips for Snapchat Users - Lifewire
31 Jul 2017 ... It’s not uncommon to experience random users adding you to their friend list, despite not knowing them at all or having no clue how they found your username. And even if you followed all of the above tips to ensure that only your friends can contact you and see your stories, you can still remove (or block) ...
tbh - Frequently Asked Questions
What is tbh? tbh is an app for giving anonymous feedback to friends. Unlike other anonymous apps, all the feedback is positive. We built tbh because we believe that social networks should make us feel better about ourselves—not worse. To be honest, we love our members and we only want the best for them.
The Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Privacy Settings - Techlicious
12 Mar 2014 ... Facebook doesn’t like you to unfriend other users, and it provides a few alternate courses of action including messaging the friend to let them know they ..... I know I can ensure the photo is not publicly visible on MY timeline, but I cannot limit the tag’s visibly on my friend’s timeline if it’s a public photo, right?
10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know - Adweek
15 Dec 2009 ... Friend Lists are easy to manage and allow you to send messages and invites to these groups of people all at once. As I previously ... My mom is a teacher and one of the first things she asked me when she joined Facebook is how she could make sure her students couldn’t see that she was on the site.
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